Ramadan Meals- How to keep it healthy

Hi guys,

I get a lot of questions on how to eat healthy during Ramadan month. People also asked me a lot about menus & what to eat & what not.

Unfortunately as a PT, it’s unethical for me to give out menus but I can recommend what’s good for you so that you can do your own research or make your own recipes or get some recipes from my blog & decide what to eat. However I will share with you what I normally eat during Ramadan.


1. Fasting during Ramadan is a great way to detox your body & flush all accumulated toxins off your systems, so try not to over eat & drink lots of water and hydrating fruits
2. Eat lighter foods for the first 30mins after iftar & have a good balance meal after.
3. For Sahoor, eat your carbs, protein, fruit/veg, drink 2-3 glasses of water & perhaps take daily multivitamin for a boost
4. For carbs: go for complex carbs (go brown- brown rice, wholemeal bread & crackers, quinoa, etc). It will make you feel a lot fuller & lasts longer than white refined carbs.
5. Eat lots fruits/veggies especially for iftar


Just to refresh your memory, always have a balance diet. For me, only a healthy balance diet works for the long run. You may refer to the above picture for reference. That is how your plate should look like, consisting all the necessary food groups that are beneficial for your body. Dieting is NOT about eating less, it’s about making better food choices with good portion control.


Above is just an example of what I normally eat during Ramadan. I usually break my fast with fruits and soups first & drink a glass of water. After 30mins I will start my normal main course. I also ensure that I drink at least 3-4 glasses of water before I go to bed. My drink normally would be just plain water, infused water, coffee or tea. For Sahoor, I normally have the above foods & some leftover soups from Iftar.

As for exercise, I just decrease my intensity during Ramadan. Just 1-2 rounds of full body circuit (1 round after iftar & 1 round before Sahoor) or I just go for a 15-30min walk. Yes, it’s not much!

I hope my writing this time gives you a rough idea of what healthy eating is about and how to ‘still’ eat healthy during Ramadan. I know Ramadan bazaar is full of tempting delicious foods, but Im sure you can still make & pick better choices of what foods to eat for your Iftar. The choice is in your hands! Perhaps plan a budget ahead & a meal plan first instead of just go there and splurge a lot of money & ended up emptying your own pockets & worst of all wasting foods. It is not what Ramadan is all about. Take this time to self reflect ourselves. Think about the unfortunate ones & control our ‘nafsu’.

I guess that’s it for now. Should you have any questions, do leave a comment down below.


Love- Kay 😘


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