New Year’s Resolution Diet


Everybody’s talking about New Year’s Resolution.. Especially talking bout going on a diet and losing weight. Well, that is excellent! Meaning that you have the intention to start focusing on yourself and looking after yourself. It’s a good sign.

In order to go on a diet.. Or even to lose weight, you’ve gotta ‘know how’ to do it! You can’t just see what everybody else’s doing and just decide to join the crew without proper research and getting enough knowledge to execute it.


Yup. You read it right alright. This is true. A diet without dieting is the best way to do it. Eating healthy foods and nourish your body with enough nutrients that it needs. Most people think that ‘eating less’ is a ‘diet’. No it’s not. Dieting is all about eating according to your needs (which most people don’t know about). Do you know how much you need?

Most people tend to go on a strict diet and even go to the extend of consuming diet pills and shakes. It might work you know!! Yea! But what happens when you finally stopped taking them?


People that went on a strict diet will lose weight. Yes this is true. Going under/below the minimum calorie intake (1200kcal) will lose weight. But is it safe? Is it healthy? Have you stopped to think and asked yourself these questions?

Most people would get back to their normal eating habit and start gaining weight again. Is this what you want? A yo-yo diet? If you are considering into getting into these short cut diets, I’d like you to re-think. Is it really worth it? With all the restrictions, strict diet, putting your health at risk and not to mention the financial side of it which at the end would only bring you back to the drawing board again. Is it worth it?



Our body has an amazing way to adapt itself to any changes that we made. When people say ‘you are not eating enough & you’re starving yourself’, meaning your body will stop developing and building and instead conserve, resulting in a weight-loss plateau. The other issue is that the body wants to hold onto the storage of energy (fat), so it will use muscle and anything else possible to keep those fat stores from being depleted. This is science. That’s why it is so important to get our body all the ‘good’ calories that it needs as opposed to simply cutting down calories! By cutting calorie intake, you’ll lose more lean muscles than fat (it would be even worst if you are exercising & not eating enough, coz you are basically destroying your own body muscles, not fat). As we all know, to boost our metabolism we need to increase the amount of lean muscles (building muscles burns more calories too). In many situations where people had plateaued, one way to overcome it is just to simply try nourish your body with nutrient-dense foods. But I know most people did the opposite, by cutting their calorie intake. People that had increased their calories instead (for a short period), lost a proper amount of body fat, managed to lose weight healthily, look good and feel good too. See how amazing food can be?

Tips to break weight-loss plateau:

1. Eat up & know your BMR. Adjust your calorie intake – more or less
2. Eat lots of veggies and fruits!
3. Eat foods that could increase your metabolism & healthy fats
4. Stop being repetitive. Mix up your workout routines. Stop doing the same stuff over & over again
5. Do more weight & strength training. Always challenge yourself! Step out from your comfort zone
6. Drink more water, reduce salt and refined sugars. Watch your portion!
7. Get enough sleep & rest.
8. Don’t give up! It’s not the end of the world. Keep going! It will pass. Trust the process. Give your body time to adjust to your diet or workout routine. Be patient.



Back to basics. Eat well balanced foods. That’s all. Have a look at the above picture. That is how your plate should look like.

~ 1/2 plate of veggies/fruits
~ 1/4 plate carbs
~ 1/4 plate protein

How much exactly is per serving? Below is a basic guideline.


How many servings should we eat per day? Have you seen the food guide pyramid before? Yes!


As you can see, it’s stated that carbs has the most number of servings, right? But how come according to the first pic we supposed to have more fruits and veggies on our plate? Shouldn’t it be carbs? Hang on.. Hang on.. Let’s get to know the carbs first alright?


As you can see, not all carbs are bad. Fruits and veggies are complex carbs too. So hold on to your horses and don’t just simply blame the carbs. It’s all about our own choices and portion control ok.

What are the benefits of these good carbs? Lets see..


Now that you know all about proper ‘healthy eating’, you can just forget all about your so called ‘diet’ plan for this year ok. Lets not torture ourselves & just be healthy! Eat healthy!!!


Come on. Lets get real here. You want to lose weight. You are willing to go on a strict diet but wouldn’t drop a single sweat? Good luck with that mate!

You need to start exercising. With just 15mins a day can definitely make a change.

Let me share some tips to a better workout routine :

1. Wake up early- you will feel fresher!
2. Make a routine or schedule (quick daily workout or 3x a week for an hour)
3. Make a workout plan- list down all your workout routine that you plan to do
4. Don’t make excuses! Stick to your workout plan and never quit before you complete all of them!
5. Eat up! Know your needs. eg: pre/post workout snacks are good
6. Drink enough water. 1 glass of water is 250ml x 8 glasses = 2 Littes a day
7. Never stick to one routine. Mix around and have variations. Our body has an amazing way to adapt itself, so you have to mix it up. Don’t just run on the treadmill and expect to lose weight, go on and learn new exercises! Make it fun and interesting.
8. Lift weights! Yes! Lift! If you can lift 10reps easily, increase the weight. You’ve been using that 2lbs dumbells for long enough! It’s time to progress to the next level. Get out from your comfort zone. If its easy, it doesn’t change you!
9. Get 8hrs sleep
10. Get all your workout gear ready a day before your workout (so you won’t have any excuses)



Aim to be healthy and to be healthy you need to live a healthy lifestyle. It has to be a lifestyle..

To live a healthy lifestyle you have to:

1) Eat healthy foods:
~proper portion and no.serving control

2) Keep an active lifestyle and exercise regularly
~ Stay active. It doesn’t have to be the gym (gym is a bonus). Play sports, take yoga classes, martial art classes, hiking, swimming, etc. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. All of these activities burns calories.

Don’t worry about your weight, don’t worry so much about how you look or what other people think about you. Just focus on your HEALTH coz you only have one shot and one body to live in. If you focus or aim to be healthy, everything else will naturally fall into place. Trust me! The weight, the look, the skin or whatever that you dreamed off would come, but you just have to be patient and trust the process. Don’t stress.

Please don’t beat yourself up coz it would do you no good. You should start focusing your energy on all other positive things in life! Keep your chin up and move forward! It’s not the end of the road yet. Let’s do better than ever before!


I hope you all will benefit something from my article coz I’m just sharing my knowledge and experience with you. Again, I am not promoting a ‘diet’, I am promoting a ‘healthy lifestyle’. I just want people to be happy and be fit & healthy.

Good luck to all of you and happy new year 2014!



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