Green Tea Mango Strawberry Lassi (Creamy & Yummy!)

YUMMINESS ALERT! This is my favorite lassi recipe. Mangoes and Strawberries are my favorite fruits. This lassi drink is very creamy and have a light texture to it. It has that natural sweet fruit flavor plus that hint of sourness from the yogurt that I just love! ❤️



YOGURT: Can give you flat abs, high in protein, help you recover after a workout & prevent high blood pressure.

MILK: promotes healthy bones and teeth, prevents osteoporosis, helps in hydration & rich in nutrients.

MANGO: help in lowering cholesterol, cancer prevention, improves digestion, vision, memory and concentration

STRAWBERRY: regulate blood pressure, anti-aging, cancer prevention and help to boost immune system.

HONEY: Regulates blood sugar, treats cough & hay fever, good for digestion, promotes healing, reduces muscle fatigue, good for skin and aid in weightloss.

GREEN TEA: detoxifies, anti-cancer, good for oral health, lowers cholesterol and increase metabolism

This drink, is so good and yummy! IT’S HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It is SO.. SO.. SO DELICIOUS! It’s a MUST TRY! 🙏


Yield: 1 tall glass

1/2 Mango- cubed
4 Strawberries
2-3 Tbs of Yogurt
A dash of milk
5 Green Tea Ice Cubes- (freeze your green tea into ice cubes) or 1/4 cup of cold green tea + 4 ice cubes
2 Tbs of Pure Honey

Blend everything together in a blender until smooth and creamy! Enjoy!


You can say good bye to all the yogurt drinks that are sold in the supermarkets. Most of them have artificial coloring & flavoring. Lets try to switch to something more natural with just a little bit of effort. But for sure, it’s worth it .

Calories: Approx.295kcal



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