Healthy Brown Vermicelli Goreng with Beef & Veggies

Fried Vermicelli or Vermicelli Goreng is one of the common dishes in Malaysia. This happens to be my dad’s favorite dish too. Unfortunately back at home, people often made it in unhealthy way by adding lots of soy sauce, salt, sugar and MSG. It’s also hard to find one that actually has lots of veggies and meat in them too.. So basically you’ll be just having carbs..

So I thought, why can’t we cook it in a healthy way by adding good stuff and reducing certain unnecessary ingredients. Back at home, they’re also using white vermicelli, so in my recipe, ill be replacing it with brown vermicelli instead which is a much healthier and a better option.

I also put a lot of veggies in this recipe too & I like my veggies to be crunchy and fresh. To achieve this, is by shortening the cooking time for the veggies and this would also help in retaining a lot of its vitamins and minerals.



1 sheet of Brown Rice Vermicelli (there are 3 sheets in the packet, but I just use one in this recipe)
2 Tbs olive oil
1/4 red onion- sliced
1 crushed garlic
1 Tsp of chili paste or 1/2 chili flake
3- 3 1/2 Tbs Sweet Soy Sauce
Black pepper
150g of beef slices/ stir fry beef (You can replace with chicken or prawns)
1 1/2 cup of chopped mix veggies – baby corn, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, carrots & snow peas (You can pick your favorites)

1. Soak vermicelli in plain water for about 20mins & drain the water after.
2. Heat up oil in a non-stick pan.
3. Fry onions, garlic & chili for a minute then add pepper and soy sauce. Cook for another 1-2mins.
4. Add the beef slices and cook for 3-4 mins, then add your vermicelli noodles. Fold everything together carefully until well mixed but be careful not to break the noodles.
5. Add the veggies and fold in the noodles. Grab a lid and cover for 2mins. Then stir it well for another 2mins. Ready to serve. Enjoy!


Even though it says on the package that 1 sheet equals to 1 serving, but for me, it’s quite a lot when you cook it coz the noodles expands. So I’d break it into 2 servings per sheet.

Calories : Approx. 280kcal per servings


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