Meal Prep For Busy People & People On Holidays : Chicken Salad In A Jar

Hi guys!

I have to do a bit of traveling but that’s not an excuse for not eating healthy. I normally like to do simple food prepping so that its easy to store it and carry it anywhere. Especially if you are traveling or no time to prepare for lunch and dinner.

Food prepping is important for those busy working moms. This chicken salad in a jar is a simple way to keep things organized and well prepared for busy days.


You can prepare this in advance and store it in the fridge up to 4-5 days. You can bring it to work for your lunch or have it for dinner. Mason jars are ideal because it saves a lot of space for you to keep in the fridge. Especially when you are on holidays where the fridge in the hotel room aren’t that big.



Layer all the ingredients like in the picture. Liquid at the bottom and followed by hard veggies, leaves and chicken at the top. Leave a bit of headspace so that there is room for you to shake it to mix all components together. Just shake! Shake! Shake!

You may pick your own favorite veggies for this or put sliced steak or hard boiled eggs instead of chicken. 😊 You can also put croutons or nuts on top for a bit of crunch!


I would normally remove the chicken and heat it up in a microwave first, then ill shake the jar so that all the vinaigrette is well mixed into the salad. You can pour it out and serve it on a plate or just shake the jar and unscrew the cap and eat it (perfect if you are traveling via plane.. Saves money.. Just make sure you finish it before reaching your destination).

Calories: Approx. 200-250kcal


Remember that it has always been your choice to live a healthy lifestyle or not. The decision is in your hands.

“Plan to fail or Fail to plan”



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