My Grocery’s List & BYOB

Hi guys,

I’m writing this entry just to share with you guys my grocery’s list. Coz some already asked me what are the stuff that I normally shop and coz they needed help to start a healthy diet. To be honest, I’m just a normal ordinary person that try to eat healthy as much as I can on daily basis.

I just want you guys to know that I’m just keeping it real.. It’s not like I do not eat chips at all.. I DO! But probably when I go on a long drive somewhere.. I don’t do it often. I DO drink sodas, but only if I’m going to the cinema to watch a movie (even that I would share it with my hubby). I try not to keep junk food at home too (just have it while we are out somewhere).

My point is.. Everything in moderation & I also want you guys to enjoy life as well ok. Sometimes if you being too strict with yourself, you will end up with high cravings and binge eating. So DO treat yourself once a while ok & have fun with your loved ones!

Here is my general grocery’s list:


In my grocery’s list, as you can see there isn’t much junk food and ill try to reduce processed food as much as I can. If I do buy them, I’ll make sure it’s natural or organic with less salt, less sugar with no artificial flavor or preservatives. (need to read the label). You probably also noticed that I buy stuff like milk in full cream and low fat (but probably more to low fat). Again, I believe everything is about balance. Sometimes less is not always good for you due to some nutrient loss during the reduction process, anyway they always try to add it back to the product though (fortified milk with Vitamin A , D, calcium etc). Probably I’d take regular milk once a week. Not a problem.

This is pretty much what I normally buy. I do have other stuff (of course!) but I just probably don’t use or buy them as often; for example: quinoa, LSA, couscous (i don’t buy it regularly but its in my pantry), stuff like lamb or salmon, because its a bit pricy or probably we would wait until it is on specials for $$$ savings. We normally wouldn’t buy certain stuff that’s not on specials or if we can get it at a cheaper price (bijak berbelanja). If you think my list is good, you can use it as a guide for your next shopping trip!


Before I go.. I do have a request, please try your best to do your bit in helping Mother Nature by bringing your own Reusable Shopping Bag. Tons of plastic bags are wasted and ended up in the landfill or get washed away in the ocean or river system (DAILY) and as a result, lots of wildlife animals are affected and dead because of us. Asian countries are still quite behind in this and lack of awareness on how our behavior could affect the ecosystem. I hope you guys would start to BRING YOUR OWN REUSABLE SHOPPING BAG in your next shopping trip & set an example to your kids so that they too understand how important it is to care about the environment. Lets help to preserve the environment for our own future benefit. Lets do our bit ok!!! PLEASE GO GREEN!!!

‘Smart ladies Buy Healthy Foods and GO GREEN’

Thank you!



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