7 Days Clean Eating Challenge with Kay Camelia!


I’m organizing this challenge to encourage more people to start eating healthy foods and to motivate them and convince them that they CAN DO IT AND IT’S NOT THAT HARD. It’s all about selecting better food choices and a matter of preparing and buying healthy foods.

In this challenge, it’s actually a bit loose because I don’t want people to think that “it’s too hard.. Too many restrictions.. Not practical.. ” and the excuses goes on. The thing about clean-eating is, once it has become a lifestyle, you won’t even think about it that much and you would automatically start buying and selecting better foods for your well being.

In this challenge, there are few rules. Rules are:


I want people to give it a try for at least a week and try it out. Because some people out there still think that it’s too hard, the food tastes yuck and too many restrictions. This is the chance for you to learn up about food and how to eat healthily. You will learn:

1. Healthy cooking
2. Healthy food choices
3. Improvement in your grocery’s list
4. Improve your health
5. Learn about benefits of clean eating and understanding food labeling

I hope you guys are up for the challenge and its time for Clean-Eating Revolution to take off! The time is now! You wouldn’t know if you don’t try it!

Looking forward in seeing a lot of entries and delicious healthy foods on this challenge.



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