Frequently Asked Questions About Me

Frequently asked questions:

1) How often do you workout?
About 3-4 times per week for about 1 to 1 1/4 hours.

2) What sort of workout do you do?
Depends really. Always cardio, strength/resistance training. But I always have a workout plan. Ill write it down and ill make sure i complete them.

3) How’s your eating habits?
In general, I eat home cooked meals. I drink skinny coffee or Teh Tarik almost everyday. I always control my portion. I eat 3-4 times a day. I eat at least 3types of vegetables daily and fruits in the morning. I use olive oil in my cooking & I love spicy foods. I don’t like processed foods coz i know what sort of chemicals that they’re using in them (I’m a food technologist). But during my menstruation, I usually don’t have appetite to eat. It’s really bad. I can go the whole day without eating. I get bloated stomach and feeling giddy all the time. Normally I take a week off training. Once I’m feeling better, I’ll try to eat frequent small meals again to boost up my energy so that I can train again.

4) How to lose weight and tone up the body?
Well I don’t think you can target a specific area to lose weight but you can tone it up by doing certain exercises. To lose weight you need to control your portion and try to ‘eat-clean’ by choosing healthy foods which are nutrient-dense. To lose fat is by doing cardio but you need to maintain a healthy muscle mass too, therefore cardio+strength/load combo is the best. I don’t believe in skipping meals, taking diet pills, meal replacers & starving yourself is the way to go in losing weight. I call it the Yo-Yo diet. It might work for a while but you’ll gain weight easily once you stop. I don’t even weigh myself coz my weight hasn’t changed but I’ve lost inches from doing exercises. So.. I don’t weigh.. I measure my body. Doing weight training definitely helped me to lose inches and tone up my body as it burns more calories, burns fat and build healthy lean muscles. And no, I’m not bulky nor muscular. Thanks!

5) Do you count your calories?
Nope. Because I know I’m within my calorie budget if I’m having at least 3 main healthy meals a day following the right food portion & nutrition. Normally I eat 3-4x a day (up to 5x max for me). Healthy snacks between meals. Favorite snacks are like nuts, fresh fruit smoothie, berry yogurt, dark chocolate & dried fruits. I also like the dried spicy seaweed (well.. Better than chips!) I drink about 6-8 glasses of water & 8hrs sleep.

6) What do you eat during your ‘cheat day’?
I like cakes, chocolates & full cream iced coffee with whipped cream on top.. yummy!

7) Have you ever eaten anything that you are not supposed to?
Of course! I’m a normal human being! But I always try to pull myself together and get back on track as quickly as possible. I know I’m a pretty disciplined person, so I try not to be too hard on myself. But I’m hard on myself during my training session though. So I guess that works well 😜

8) How do you keep motivated?
First, I accept the way I am. I know I look after myself pretty well in terms of food & exercising. That itself brings me self confidence. At times when things are a bit hard for example when I’m not well. I just tell myself that it’s ok and it’s just a break. But I always bounce back coz it has become a lifestyle and not a chore. I treat my workout like its an important appointment. I always put my health first before anything else, I mean just thinking about going to the doctor to get your medical check up gives me the chills. I have a family history of diabetes & high blood pressure. My grandfather died because of diabetes. So that itself keeps me motivated to look after myself even better. I really don’t think about my weight or physical appearance. My health is my priority. Everything else that comes with it is just a bonus.

9) Do I take any supplements?
Yes. Just multivitamins. But I don’t take them regularly. Probably every other day coz Im eating pretty healthy & balanced diet anyway.

10) What do you normally eat everyday?
Hmm.. I eat everything. I’m not really fussy and I have no allergies .I cook my own meals though. Probably I cook a lot of baked chicken (my husband’s favorite), stir fry mix vegetables, fresh salad, marinated grilled chicken, grilled fish & steaks probably 2x a week. I also like to cook nasi goreng belacan, gulai lemak ayam & Tom Yum (Malaysian food once or 2x a week). For breakfast we always have oats , muesli or fried eggs on toasts (mat salleh suka telur dadar atas roti bakar). On the weekends normally ill make an effort to make a big breakfast for my husband and I.. Like.. Fried eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushroom, beef bacon, baked beans, sausages and toasts. Yeah!! A lot!! 😜 We always go for a picnic by the beach and I normally make egg sandwiches, sushi, spring roll or nasi goreng.

I guess that’s all about me.




2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions About Me

  1. hye Kay !

    im fiza,22y/o.. berat saya sekarang 91kg.169cm..sekarang saya tak tahu macam mana nak start eating healthy,workout apa yang sesuai untuk saya..i really30000x need ur help..

    • Hi Fiza,

      Terima kasih krn sudi menulis pd saya.
      Pertama sekali jika mahu turun berat badan perlu set ‘goal’. Apa goal sebenar Fiza? Contoh goal utk 3bulan.

      Student/kerja skrg ini? Bagaimana dgn support? Adakah keluarga & kwn2 beri sokongan utk turun berat bdn? Bagaimana bole terdetik /terfikir utk turun berat badan?

      Kedua, perlu tahu tahap kesihatan badan. Fiza ada penyakit apa2? Tekanan darah berapa?

      Ketiga, perlu belajar mengenai nutrisi makanan. Perlu tahu mengenai kumpulan makanan: karbohidrat, protein, sayuran, buahan & lemak. Maksudnya perlu tahu mengenai piramid makanan & sukatan makanan. Utk makluman mengenai nutrisi, bole la baca blog sy ni atau lawat #kaysnutritiontips di Instagram. Maaf sbb sy tak tahu apa yg Fiza x tahu jadi agak sukar utk sy memberi nasihat. Mungkin Fiza bole beri sedikit maklumat pada sy ttg apa yg Fiza tahu mengenai pemakanan dulu 😊.

      Mengenai senaman, sy tidak berani utk memberi sebarang training yg spesifik pd peringkat ini krn sy x tahu tahap kesihatan diri Fiza. Akan tetapi, jika Fiza ada sebarang hobi sukan yg Fiza minat, bole la cuba itu dulu atau mula dgn senaman ringan di rumah atau jogging/brisk walk di taman.

      Maaf jika sy byk bertanya krn ini adalah sebhgn drp soal selidik supaya saya dpt bantu Fiza.


      Kay 😘

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