Ask Kay Camelia (General Health & Diet)

You can post all your questions and ill try my best to answer them. Thx.



13 thoughts on “Ask Kay Camelia (General Health & Diet)

  1. salam wbt Kay.. am Maryam.. i nak tanya u satu soalan.. my bentuk badan mcm buah pear which is my butt looks bigger.. i nak tnya jika nak kecilkan bahagian tersebut adakah i perlu turun kan berat bdan dgn membuat senaman kardio sprt jog terlebih dahulu br buat squats or i terus blh buat squats.. adakah squats akan memberikan kesan tq sis

  2. and another question is jika salah teknik squats adalah ia akan memberikan kesan yg lebih buruk sprt bahagian punggung akan lebih membesar dan lebar.. tq sis !!!

    • If salah teknik, akan sakit lutut. If betul teknik akan sengal punggung, hips and peha.

      Lebarnya punggung sbb genetic tulang hip kita.. X bole ubah.. So bkn sbb squat ye.

      Squat mengecilkan, membulatkan, mengetatkan and tone up bahagian punggung. This is my personal experience too.

      So jwpn nya.. Tak.

  3. salam wbt sis.. my question is i mempunyai bentuk badan seperti buah pear di mana bahagian punggung besar dan lebar.. adalah senaman squats yg terbaik utk mengecilkan bahagian tersebut.. atau i perlu menurunkan berat badan terlebih dahulu baru blh melakukan senaman squats.. for ur information berat i skrg 79kg tinggi 159cm

    • Thanks for the question.

      Kita x boleh pilih bahagian mana yg kita nk lose weight. Itu badan kita yg decide apabila kita buat regular exercise. Kita juga perlu accept shape kita & cuba utk improve mana yg boleh.

      I would recommend you to do cardio, and strength training as well. So you can lose weight, firm up bahagian yg you nak kecilkan sekali utk elak kulit menggeleber bila lose weight.

      Strength & weight training lebih byk bakar lemak dr cardio. Even up to 36hrs on rest time. So pls include strength training juga, don’t just buat cardio.

      You can write to my husband kat section Ask Coach Andrew utk lebih detail mengenai latihan senaman yg sesuai utk your body shape. He is the expert guru!

      I hope my explanation helps. 😊

    • W’salam. Hello there.. I don’t specifically ‘do’ or ‘plan’ meals for people but I did wrote something in regards to it. You may refer under ‘Diet habits’ tab at the drop down menu for easy search. There are few topics about healthy eating, balanced diet, etc and meal prep is under the topic ‘How to eat healthy’. I hope this helps. 😊

  4. Salam . Hye Mrs Kay.
    Wanted to ask you about my meal. Is it healthy or not.

    Breakfast : Honeystar with milk (1 bowl)
    Recess : 3 jascob hi-fibre biscuits
    Lunch : Rice, Sup sayur and ikan.
    Dinner : Sup sayur / the same with lunch.

    I’m a high school student, so doesn’t have much time to prepare my meal for lunch. I can only eat the food at the canteen. Is it healthy ? The quantity of my rice is not much. About half of a fistful .

    Any suggestion for my snacks at school ? THANKYOU! 🙂

    • Hi Iman,

      Thanks for writing to me dear.

      Your meals looks ok to me but can be further improved for sure!

      Brekky: Have your fav cereal (preferably non-sugary cereal) with milk and fruits. Oats/muesli with milk & fruits are the best! For a change, you can try scrambled eggs (no oil) on toast. With probably 1Tsp tomato sauce/other condiments. Or try PB/banana sandwich.

      Your recess: Your biscuits are good. You can also try some nuts & fruits. Raisins/cranberries are good too.

      Lunch/dinner: sounds ok to me coz thats what they sell at the canteen. Your rice portion is ok too. Try to have variety of veggies (colorful). You may eat meat/chicken too but just watch the gravy amount (1-2 Tbs enough). Coz sometimes they add a lot of salt, sugar & ajinomoto (unhealthy).

      Snacks: You can make PB/tuna/egg sandwich, mixed nuts, fruit salad or one of your fav fruit. I think I posted something not long ago on my Instagram regarding easy lunches and school lunch box. Perhaps you can have a look. Do check out #kaysnutritiontips hash tag too.

      Try to avoid junk food that they sell at school, especially the sodas. Drink lots of plain water ok. You can also take multivitamin for extra boost of energy. Eat lots of veggies and try to eat fruits everyday, especially in the morning (good for detox/bowel movement & best time for vitamins absorption).

      I hope this helps dear 🙂

      Luv, K

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