We all have heard about ‘clean-eating’ right? What is it about? Just to keep it short and simple.. It’s about living a healthy lifestyle by eating all natural and balanced food.

This means that we have to incorporate healthy natural foods in our diet with no artificial flavoring or preservatives a.k.a ‘processed foods’.

I know it’s kinda hard these days and most people have their own sets of excuses but realistically, if you want to have a ‘clean-eating’ diet, you just have to learn how to cook and prepare your own meals.


Even if you dine in a restaurant or ‘gerai’, the meals are not necessarily ‘clean’. People used too much salt, sugar, MSG and other processed foods in the prepared dish and its beyond our control. Unless you asked for less this.. Less that.. I mean you gotta request for it. Still doable.

In my opinion, if you want to eat-clean, cook and prepare the food yourself. For those who are super busy, they need to find time to pre-cook their meals and store them in the fridge or in the freezer (let’s say cook for 3days meal).

Don’t wait for the right time or say you have no time.. Well you just have to MAKE time for it.



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