Lose weight by making & bringing lunch to work

Most of us have a lot of excuses when it comes to ‘making’, ‘preparing’ and ‘bringing’ our own lunch to work. Believe it or not, our laziness and lack of willingness to do so contributes to weight gain.

Especially when you are living in Malaysia, where you can easily have the access to yummy home cooked meals. People should be taking this a as an advantage because fresh ingredients are used in the dishes. However, some of us take advantage of it by eating more & more, without even considering the right food portion and some even prefer to go to the fast food restaurants still. This is really a sad situation.

Unlike in Australia, it’s not as easy as that to get access to home cooked meals. There are plenty of restaurants but the price is really far too expensive and it just not worth going. And the fast food restaurants are everywhere and really..really cheap (like 4-5x cheaper than a home cooked meals).

I am very grateful that I can cook and I always try to cook healthy and balanced food for my husband and I. I will pack lunch for my husband to bring to work everyday. And meal prepping is very important and yes if you really want to be healthy, you have got to find time to do it.

To avoid over-eating at the restaurants or ‘gerai’, why not bring your own lunch to work? You cooked it. You prepared it. You know what’s in it. You know it’s healthy. Get some friends at work to join in as well. Bring your own lunch from Mon-Thurs and you can have one ‘cheat’ day on Friday and have lunch together to celebrate! Yeay!!

I really hope that you guys could join this Bring Your Own Lunch To Work challenge so that we all can be healthy and fit!






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